Key Features

4K 360° Image

The dataset contains 120 sequences with up to 113K frames with 3840 x 1920 resolution in equirectangular projection.

Various Ground Truths

We provide 4 types of unbiased ground truth, including (rotated) bounding boxes, (rotated) bounding field-of-views. We also provide the segmentation mask.

New Metrics

In order to accurately evaluate of 360° tracking performance, new metrics are introduced: dual success, dual precision, and angle precision.

Challenging Attributes

Based on the features of 360° images, we summarize new challenging attributes, such as large distortion and stitching artifacts.

Update Log

  • [2023.8.8] The test dataset and annotations (58.47G) are available for downloading.
  • [2023.7.28] The dataset toolkits are available on Github.
  • [2023.1.18] The click-based annotation tool is available on Github.

More Data Samples

*If you cannot watch the sample video, please click here.



360VOT: A New Benchmark Dataset for Omnidirectional Visual Object Tracking
Huajian Huang, Yinzhe Xu, Yingshu Chen and Sai-Kit Yeung
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023